Friday, June 28, 2013

Timing is All Important

Have you ever had a perfect day or party or event planned, but it went off horribly because it was just the wrong time to do it? This can apply to many different areas, such as things which are interrupted by or are enhanced by our circadian rhythms, someone else’s plans, or just how things seem to move along fluidly and smoothly or with many difficulties and many forced movements.

Timing is all important. The best laid plans with the best people and the best set of circumstances are all laid waste when the time is not right. And yet, when the time is correct, even bad employees, makeshift patch jobs and underestimated scenarios can suddenly swing into full bloom and all of a sudden there is a fluidity and flow. There is genuine candor and relationship building. Rather than having to manage people, people are easily talked to and dealt with. Things like weather and public attitudes and general mayhem or calm in the air can all contribute to this so called “good” or “bad timing.” Whatever the case, you have a very real case for being flexible with your plans when you understand how important and how awesome correct timing really is.

Drug and alcohol testing is brought in when employees are being tested for illicit behavior either on or near the workplace environment. Even showing up to work under the influence is really harmful and can still lead to injuries, fatalities, broken client relationships and lowered morale on the whole. Workplace drug testing laws only exist in high hazard industries, so companies which are not under these laws must look ahead to their own specific needs and see if employee drug screening is a good idea. In many cases, it is a great idea!

Mediscreen provides onsite drug and alcohol screening to business in every part of Australia. Onsite testing guarantees that your worker screening is done right at your place of business and is done quickly and efficiently.

Now that is what we call good timing. Any form of saved time to the benefit of all is good timing. Call Mediscreen about this today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Staying With Your First Love

Your first love is an archetypal representation of first romances, business arrangements, original agreements, old clients and associates, and other original interactions with people. Staying with your first love can represent any form of loyalty, from marriage to old business commitments to sticking by former acquaintances. Staying with your first love is a form of loyalty to your original partnerships.

Now, in business, loyalty is important and relationship maintenance is crucial. When doing business with new people and with former clients, it is always, no matter what, important to show them how important they are to you and what their business would mean to your professional relationship with them. This means treating them with priority and courtesy.

There’s only one thing wrong with this.

If an employee decides on this particular day to abuse drugs or alcohol, the effect upon the client may be irreversibly bad. No one will want to do business with a team of so-called professionals who are unreliable and can make crucial billing, product, and privacy related mistakes while under the influence of their drugs. Every form of alcohol and drug is a drug, since anything can be abused.

Workplace drug testing eliminates the need to worry and make sure that everyone is up to date on client visiting day. Alcohol and drug testing is a crucial part of the employee maintenance process. Onsite drug and alcohol testing is even more important, since it both saves time and cost, as well as giving you peace of mind concerning the professional behavior of your workforce.

Staying with your first love means showing loyalty not only to your clientele, but to your staff, as well. This is really important, since it means that your devotion to your employees will be returned tenfold in the course of their professional relationship with you.Onsite drug & alcohol testing can be provided by Mediscreen for any company in Australia, and this can become a regular process in your business operations. Just sign up with us, and we will make sure that your workers are testing on your business site on the schedule that you set up with us. Call Mediscreen today to do this: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Staying Still

Stillness is a learned art. For some people who are introverted and quiet, stillness comes easily, but it is still a learned art. To still your mind requires concentration, deliberation, and tons of self discipline. It means that you must relax, allow your thoughts to leave you, and to feel a feeling in the pit of your stomach similar to heartache. It is depth of insight. It is beautiful.

Staying still is especially difficult for people who are naturally outgoing and often feed off of the energy of other people being around them. Staying still seems to be impossible for them, because they thrive in crowds, not alone.

Stillness can take that lonely feeling away, though. It can help you see things so clearly. It can bring peace to your universe.

When employees lack an appropriate amount of stillness, they become easily distracted, emotionally drained, and similar to zombies which are performing their tasks like automatons. Stillness is required for the soul and the mind to regenerate themselves. Stillness regulates the emotions. Stillness brings physical function back to life.

When your workers lack stillness in their personal lives, they attempt to regain it through just about any number of methods. Humans cannot live without this quiet, and the predictability of stillness being present. If the methods they try don’t work, they may resort to drugs and alcohol to quiet their nerves. This does not bring stillness, but it brings numbness, and for many people, that feels good enough.

Alcohol testing is great for actively drunk employees who are on or near the jobsite. Drug screening must be done on a regular basis, since it is not always clear when someone is high. Onsite drug and alcohol testing is available for employees and businesses which need to exercise a little more stillness and quiet over their worksites.Drug & alcohol testing is part of bringing peace and quiet to your job and to your workers’ jobs. It is part of maintaining safety, which is a form of stillness. Safety is regulated in some industries, but some companies in other industries must take the initiative to implement workplace drug testing. Call Mediscreen today to implement testing methods: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Return to the Flow of Work with Onsite Drug Screening

When a business does its day to day operations, it is like a machine. Somebody inputs something, like paper or wood chips or water, and the machine is turned on and processes the material until the paper becomes newspaper, the wood chips become particle board, and the water is sanitised. Finally, in the final part of the process, the end result or the finished product exits the machine ready to be shipped or delivered as needed.

As you can see, there are so many things which can go wrong with a machine, and when it comes to business, one of the most unpredictable aspects of a company is the people who work at it. Nobody can predict just how a human will work, and in fact, a part of professionalism is the ability to trust someone to act in a steady, predictable manner. This does not mean “acting fake” or being a robot. It means smoothing human interaction between professional grade silicon, so that everyone is treated well and pleasantly, without too much emotional friction or abnormalities.

Of course, abnormalities are easily found in people who cannot handle their own lives. Their pain is evident in their extreme desire to escape from this pain and become distracted in the absorption of alcohol or illicit drugs. 

Return to the flow of work with onsite drug screening. Return to the sanity of day to day business operations. Continue feeding the machine work to do, and watch the results come out.

Alcohol and drug testing is necessary to stabilize your environment. You need it to make sure that people are not slipping through the cracks, leaving empty shells of people behind them. You need workplace drug testing to make sure that your people are healthy, safe, fresh, wanted, helpful and helped, and that they are well provided for while on the jobsite. Humans were not meant to act like animals nor to be treated like animals. Use drug screening to make sure that this never happens to your own business. Call Mediscreen today to see what you can do for your own future: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Reach Out for Richer Friends

There is a very true statement concerning how people interact with each other. It is said that your income equals the average income of your five closest friends. This is not only true, but many self improvement books encourage people to make new friends with people who are richer and therefore inspire them to increase their own level of income while also, at some level, being trained by being in the company of these people.

Reaching out for richer friends applies to companies, as well. When looking around at the businesses with which you associate or perform business-to-business transactions, you will notice that these companies are basically on the same level as yours. It is necessary, therefore, to help your own growth by following the example of and using as inspiration companies which are larger and more successful than yours. Now, do not bite off more than you can chew. Start with businesses which are only one or two levels above yours. Then, when you have become accustomed to that level of growth, you graduate higher. All of this is meant to inspire you, not demoralize you, and setting your goals too high in the beginning can be more depressing than exhilarating. Keep some perspective and try to arrange goals which you and your employees can reasonably achieve in a few months time. Then, stay at that level for a few months or a year or two, and then graduate to the next size up. There is so much to consider when making sure that your business is properly but steadily growing. There must be times when your company adjusts to the new level and is allowed to simply maintain that level of growth. If there is always a push in the upward direction, you may find yourself losing more ground than you are making. Even weightlifters have to give their muscles time to rest and rebuild in between workouts.

Part of the strategy for maintaining a level of growth is using alcohol testing and drug screening. Onsite drug and alcohol screening is available through Mediscreen, and our process of accurate workplace drug testing combined with reasonable prices makes testing something to enjoy rather than discourage. Get in touch with richer friends by increasing your own business standards today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Perseverance and Rewards

Perseverance is one of the most important parts of doing business, improving your career, maintaining self discipline, and just about everything else having to do with money and relationships.

Perseverance is all very well and good, but you must have a reason to persevere. If you do not, then you are looking at becoming mired in an unhealthy cycle of financial rat race combined with relationships with friends and coworkers in which you are not your best and your attention is barely held. Onsite drug and alcohol testing contributes a great deal toward the efforts to increase perseverance and interest in self improvement in employees within a business. 
When workplace drug testing is implemented, it sets a standard by which every employee is expected to act. There is not only the small and somewhat insidious consequences and rewards of what drug screening brings to the company environment. There are also the improvements in the atmosphere and professionalism of the business. Employees feel as if they are working for a company, rather than a warehouse or a disorganized construction site. Workers feel as if their jobs are safe if they keep improving themselves, rather than the unpleasant competition between coworkers to curry favor with their immediate boss. There is some attention to individual, self motivated improvement.
Perseverance is one of these rewards and it is also one of greatest things which any of your employees can possess. They will do a good job, they will do at just about any cost, they will respect themselves and others in the business marketplace, and they will get the goals of the company accomplished to the benefit of your business, and not just themselves. Perseverance means stick-to-it-iveness. It means follow through and a commitment to quality work.

Alcohol and drug testing can help you on the way toward these goals. It can breed an atmosphere of happy people contributing to the good of the company and the good of the city and civilization in which they live. 
It is a community atmosphere.

Bring alcohol testing and drug screening to your workplace and see what a difference it makes. Onsite drug & alcohol testing is provided by Mediscreen. Call us for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Acceptance is the Ultimate Form of Love

Accepting someone exactly as they are is the ultimate form of loving them. It is kind, it shows that you love them no matter what, and it is a lot less stressful than trying to make them into someone they are not. 
But, wait a minute.

In a business setting, this acceptance can only go so far. After all, you must be able to discern which workers are actually hard workers and which are lazy. You must be able to tell who takes their job seriously and who is only showing up to collect their paycheck at the end of the day and otherwise be lazy the rest of the time.

There is a lot of difference between accepting someone in your family and accepting shoddy work behavior at your business. You’ve got to be able to be particular about who you hire and what you do with them once they enter your company’s employment. You really can’t afford to accept them with equal blindness and lack of conditions as you would a healthy relationship with one of your family members.

In order to keep things professional and to find out who is fit for duty, use drug test equipment from CMM Technology in order to implement your employee drug testing program. There are many ways you can do this and many ways in which you can time, order, and regulate your screening tests. The choice is up to you. You’re the boss. In order to make sure that the products you order are up to par, get them from CMM Technology. We specialize in drug and alcohol screening tests. We deliver all over Australia. We distribute to both tiny, small businesses and large, international companies. 

Accepting your employees just as they are means putting up with their personality quirks and keeping long term teams together in the future. In these scenarios, everyone knows each other and is already used to working together. Get used to working with us. We know that each business is very different and specific in their needs for drug test equipment. Make use of our recalibration service. Don’t worry about anything. We’re here to help: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It’s Okay to be Selfish

Selfishness is notoriously bombarded in first world countries. We are told by our peers that we live in the lap of luxury and that other nations do not have it as good as we do. We are told that we must stop being so selfish and that we must think of others if we hope to be good someday. In essence, we are put on trial for being born into one of the most prosperous nations on the earth today, and our inherent interest in forwarding our own interests is put in check by our teachings that selfishness is bad and that selflessness is good.

In fact, pure logic shows that only extreme, sadistic forms of selfishness are really evil, and that all other forms of selfishness increase good and prosperity and self sufficiency in the earth. Yes, it does seem to be true. Selfishness feeds your own need to do things your way, to be an individual, to craft handmade heirloom objects, to provide for your own way in this world rather than depending upon another, and your desire to grow and improve yourself.

Without this inherent selfishness, it turns out that we are not as motivated to forward our own education, improve our learning and craftsmanship in our jobs, and push our families to achieve heights of our own growth rather than mundanely keeping up with the neighbors.

It turns out that you have to be selfish in order to succeed…at all.

In workplace drug testing, the same rule applies. You have grown a company from a small foundling group of people into a large business which employs quite a number of people, and your profits make things better for your employees, better for your family, and most importantly better for you. You must protect all of these worthy assets, and the only way to make sure your employees are abiding by company policy is by using drug screening. Now, alcohol and drug testing is not a bad thing at all. Smaller, less tested businesses do not have as much job security for your workers as your current business. That is a huge thing. Drug & alcohol testing is the good part of being selfish with your company assets and growth. Protect what you have, and call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Interview with a Recovering Drug Addict

Q: How long have you been sober?
A: I’ve been sober for about five months now.
Q: Do you still find it difficult now that your body has gone through most of the withdrawal?
A: Oh, yes, absolutely. I feel like there is a hole inside of me, and that everyone can see through it, and that they are all thinking that I’m pathetic or something like that.
Q: Where do you think this hole came from?
A: I used to think that it came from my broken family. My parents divorced when I was eight. I never really got over it. But now, I kinda think that I just don’t know how to be an adult. I never really grew up.
Q: What do you mean you never really grew up?
A: I’m an adult, but I still feel weak and helpless, like a kid. I still feel like I don’t have control over my own life, and like all I have to do is step just a little bit off to the side, and all of it will just go to pot.
Q: Is that why you did drugs? To feel more in control?
A: Well, I sometimes did them to feel more in control of my life, but mainly it was because they took the edge off. I was so stressed out and worried all the time, and alcohol made me not worry and marijuana made me really enjoy myself.
Q: So, why did you even stop abusing drugs and alcohol if they made you feel so much happier?
A: I finally realized that I was not the same person I was before I did the drugs. I realized that I was someone else, and that I did not even know who this new person was. I just really wanted to go back to the way things were before I started abusing.
Q: Did they go back to the way they were before you were abusing?
A: No, things are very different now. It’s harder for me now, because I’m still stressed out, and now I don’t have as much of my former identity as before. It sucks a lot more now.
Q: Do you think you’ll start abusing again?
A: It’s a definite possibility. But I don’t want to go back to being someone I don’t recognize. But I don’t want to be in pain like I am now, either. I don’t really know what to do.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Indulging in Self Luxury

Self luxury is the purposeful act to luxuriate and treat yourself to special services, foods, experiences, or even materials in order to give yourself something special and nice. Luxuriating in beautiful clothing or vacations around the world can be quite addictive and can, indeed, raise your standard of living simply by raising your expectations.

Is that a good or a bad thing?

Sometimes, individuals raise their expectations for their standard of living but cannot afford such luxuries all of the time. However, they can take steps to ensure their standard of living is mostly kept at their desired level by treating their objects and furnishings with great care, by not inviting drama or irresponsible persons into their lives, and by generally treating themselves to the little pleasures in life, even if they are not super expensive.

Drug& alcohol testing does something quite similar for your company. For example, if you are having difficulty in keeping your group of employees working throughout their employed hours, then you may find that drug screening reduces the amount of laziness on the jobsite. It sets a standard for the internal motivations which are required to work at your place of business, anyway. If employees are only pocketing a paycheck but abuse substances while at work, they may be less inclined to actually do any work. It’s playtime for them!

Workplace drug testing laws help businesses with this problem in specific industries, such mining and aviation. However, other companies must really choose what kinds of behavior they will allow and what sort of working environment they wish to facilitate in the long run. Self luxury in the workplace is a safe, effective, enjoyable place of occupation, and that is one of the best sights on this earth. How many times have you seen a large group of employees who really enjoy their jobs? It is a sight to behold, believe us.

Drug testing in Australia can be quite efficient and cost effective, so this will not be an expensive luxury, just a luxury in the first place. That is what we at Mediscreen call quality. Get in touch with us today and we will show you life’s little luxuries in increasing your jobsite’s level of safety: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Ignoring the Influences of Others

We all have an inordinately high amount of influence over each other, much more so than we give credit to other people for, largely because we do not like to think of ourselves as being that easily influenced. It is not in our nature to so easily forgive in ourselves such a seeming fallacy which could be corrected by being a little more assertive and creative about our own talents and abilities.

Ignoring the influences of others is, however, quite another matter. Drug testing Australia exists today because this influence is so strong and carries such a great deal of power with it. Any self respecting individual is not likely to freely admit that their friends and coworkers tell them how to live their lives and what norms they should set in the privacy of their own homes.

The truth of the matter is that many people are influenced into abusing drugs and alcohol by an acquaintance and not, as can sometimes be surmised, by some sort of stress inducing life event. Obviously, such a life event would be so startlingly traumatic that it does, indeed, drive many people to drinking and so forth, but influence from others can be what makes someone feel that their abuse or addiction is not such an abnormality, after all. Onsite drug &alcohol testing is the result of a great deal of effort, not just on the part of the drug testing equipment makers, but also the testing services administered by companies like our Mediscreen. In order to cooperate fully and for everyone in the network to get the most money out of the cooperation, of course we must all work together. But when one person possesses or is allowed to possess undue influence over others, even a system like ours can make lower level employees feel as if their voices are not being heard, and as if they perhaps need to reduce their stress in some other way.

There is, of course, no earthly excuse for showing up to work intoxicated by drugs or alcohol or abusing them on the worksite, so it remains very important to be fully aware of such circumstances when they arise. That is why Mediscreen is in such demand: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting Even and Getting Out

Occasionally, we encounter situations where it is best to get even and it is also best to get out of that specific job. Fortunately, there are many ways in which to combine those two things and really leave a fun impression. Now, if you are worried about your reputation preceding you, then perhaps getting even is not the best course. If, however, you find yourself wanting revenge…and revenge is sweet, there is nothing more true…then getting even before you quit your job can be one of the best feelings you will ever have. Again, however, be careful about your future employment and make sure that your next job is secure before you blow your top. Also, it would be best to not leave your current employer with the impression that you could leave your new job in the same situation.

Workplace drug testing helps people to avoid getting even all the time, on a regular basis. Employees who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are simply too out of control of their minds to be able to gauge the most professional way of handling something. Their inhibitions are lowered. Their ability to judge for themselves is almost nonexistent. With lowered inhibitions, they find themselves saying and doing things which they would not normally be saying and doing. Drug screening is instrumental in the process of getting control over the behavior of your employees. It is necessary in order to get everything organized in such a way that you can reasonably predict your employees’ behavior. Workplace drug testing laws are in place so that certain high hazard industries can more effectively manage their employees’ behavior, and so that groups of workers cannot outlaw alcohol and drug testing. It is really effective in making sure that safety is maintained, no matter what, and that this safety is in the most dangerous places to work.

Mediscreen brings onsite drug and alcohol testing to your worksite at a reasonable price and, obviously, at a convenient location. Your employees’ time will not interrupted for very long, and respect for their time is everything. To schedule an appointment or to ask us questions, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gathering Your Australian Resources

When you have an Australia based company, you are in great need of collectively dealing with your employee testing procedures, rather than spending more time and money on accounting for all of the different areas all around Australia. 

Fortunately, the onsite drug and alcohol screening available through Mediscreen is flawless and is available to businesses of every size all over Australia. We come to your worksite or office, and we implement the testing procedures, and your employee records are stored there onsite! That is a great way for you to deal in multinational and Australia-wide business by tying all of your expenses up in a bulk account. Call us to find out if you get a discount for using multiple locations at one time! We are here to make sure that you are benefitted the most by your Australian resources.

Now, since you are doing your business in Australia, you will need to know how you can take advantage of local services, like the ones that Mediscreen provides. We have a sister company which provides drug testing equipment, should you need it. They are called CMM Technology. However, Mediscreen provides all of the testing services needed, and we will happily use whatever drug testing equipment you have on hand. We know our jobs, and we know how to work with what we have.

Onsite drug and alcohol testing also helps to ensure that you are receiving the best workers out of the Australian workforce. You want high quality employees, don’t you? Australia has one of the best employee base to choose from. Workplace drug testing ensures that you only hire and retain the workers in the functional category, and none from the incompetent category. It is often cost effective to use the same business to provide service to different locations within an area. They know your company and they know how to deal with your managers and district supervisors.

Even if workplace drug testing laws are not in effect where you are, you can take advantage of these additional safety measures to protect your large company assets. For more information on what Mediscreen can do for you, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Employee Private Lives

Employees work together and often get to know each other really well. In fact, sometimes coworkers know more about someone than their own friends do. This is simply due to the overwhelming amount of time spent together, day in and day out, that coworkers have. It is almost impossible to find someone who does not know you really well after you spend forty hours a week in their presence, watching their little habits, and becoming accustomed to their personality.

This is why employees who protect and value each other’s privacy is almost impossible to find.

Anyone who can restrain themselves and become a discreet member of the working team is worth their weight in gold, and that’s the truth. There is a lot to being able to be yourself around the people with whom you work, and there is even more knowing that they will keep your secrets, not blow your various charades in front of family, and have your back when it comes to loyalty and camaraderie. 

Of course, nobody’s perfect, but if you can find someone who is that loyal and that discreet, you have really found a jewel and should keep them almost no matter what it takes. 

Now, even the most saintly of workers is bound to trip up if they have had a little too much alcohol or show up to work stoned. So, workplace drug testing is not just about company liability and employee responsibility. It is also about keeping the precious atmosphere of discretion intact. Drug & alcohol testing is one of the best tools you can have in your tool belt. There is nothing like it.

By its very nature, onsite drug and alcohol testing protects the privacy of your staff by keeping their records onsite. In addition to that, it keeps individuals from having to go out to a laboratory, which can involve sitting in a cold waiting room until called and, of course, their records are not under their own control. Laboratories cost more, since they have to pay for the overhead, and they tend to seem cold and austere. Getting tested at work is the definitely the way to go: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Efficiency Modeling

Efficiency is not something as easily measured as you may think it is. For instance, it would seem like a simple process to look at the industry standard for tennis ball manufacturing and production, and then look at how fast and efficiently your company makes tennis balls in comparison with the industry standard. That would seem to be a good way to measure the efficiency of your company.

However, there is something fundamentally wrong with this way of thinking.

Your business may have less problems shipping than other companies because of its location and the contracts it holds with different shippers. Another business may be far better equipped to create forty times as many tennis balls before it needs to ship them away, and a third company may desire to only specialize in manufacturing high end tennis balls.

This is assuming that there ARE such things as high end tennis balls.

You see, efficiency modeling must take into account the needs and advantages of your specific company. If your business is better with high quality materials than with massive amounts of low quality materials, then it would make sense to use this efficiency modeling to only deal in high end products.

By the same token, if your business is set up to distribute massive amounts of regular products to a large area, then it is most efficient in this manner, and it should be accounted for in this efficiency modeling.

Whatever the case, most businesses agree that efficiency always increases when you regularly have your employees testing for drugs and alcohol. If you can hire and retain the highest quality of worker for your factory, company, or office site, then you have a much stronger competitive advantage. For this reason, onsite drug & alcohol testing is considered to be one of the best ways to save cost and increase efficiency. Not only does it have the necessary drug screening and alcohol testing, but it also has the onsite drug and alcohol testing factor.

We come to your place of business.

We test your workers right there onsite.

That is a huge advantage over your competitors, who spend a great deal more to send their employees to a laboratory. Call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Drug Screening and the Job Market as a Whole

When the job market is declining and especially when it is in some kind of turmoil, you can often find that you will cut down on some costs in your company, like employee costs and pay cuts. This can be a big mistake, because it plans for failure, rather than planning for success. It detracts from the importance that you want to give to helping to increase the job market, not planning for it to decline and wallow further.

When drug screening began to grow and really pan out a little under thirty years ago, the majority of employed people were indignant at the change in their jobsites. However, now that drug and alcohol testing has become so widespread, it is now considered to be quite a positive thing.

The truth is, the job market as a whole cannot completely affect drug screening, and alcohol testing cannot fully affect the employment rates. That means that many people who are looking to cut costs on employee screening are actually hurting themselves, since they are likely to hire less employable workers, in the end.

Workplace drug testing has a place, a very real place, in this world. We need to be able to accept it as the effective tool that it is. Onsite drug and alcohol screening is something that will actually help the quality of employment all over Australia, since it will require that workers actually be competent before they choose to become hired. It also means that many people will accept their better position because they know how hard it is to get, and how easy it can be to lose. That means that the workers you get, you are more likely to actually keep.

Thank goodness that drug testing Australia can be obtained so very easily. We have companies like Mediscreen which really bring up the standard of quality for onsite services. That is something really special. Now, all you have to do is check out Mediscreen’s website to find out more about what we offer and how you can get it, too. For ordering, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Division of Labor and Company Safety

Division of labor is a relatively simple concept. It has to do with the fact that some workers are better at specific jobs and tasks than others. Some carpenters specialize in windows, while others specialize in foundations and pouring concrete. Whatever the situation may be, division of labor can really help the best work to be done by the best specialists for that particular job.

This has a great deal to do with company safety. Division of labor helps businesses to use the most qualified workers on the jobs they do best. Company safety relies upon the most qualified candidate being in charge of what they know and understand. It is essential to maintain this balance, which is why companies hire people who are specially trained for the openings which they will be filling.

It is absolutely necessary to use the best candidates in their field for the jobs they know and love.

At Mediscreen, we not only bring you higher safety averages through the use of drug & alcohol testing, but we increase this safety by being experts in our field. We know onsite drug and alcohol screening better than most other companies, and we will come to your place of business no matter where it is in Australia. 

We know what we are doing, and we do it well and with enthusiasm.

What can you say for your business? Do you have top specialists in their fields working as a team to fulfill the goals of the company, increase their job security, and protect their subordinates?

Drug testing equipment can be obtained from our sister company, CMM Technology, if you do not currently have equipment to work with. The actual testing procedures, however, will be covered by us: Mediscreen.

We want so much to bring you to the pinnacle of your company’s capabilities and for that reason we offer our specialized skills to add to your overall division of labor. Onsite drug & alcohol testing is our most skilled asset.

While you are at it, remember that your company safety is the most important aspect of your business. Call Mediscreen today to learn more: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Color Therapy

One of the most curious, and yet one of the most underrated, forms of therapy known to us is color therapy. Color therapy involves exposing an individual to large bright scarves of different color and told to describe how each color makes them feel. One of the most useful aspects of color therapy is its ability to diagnose physical, mental, and especially psychological states in the client.

Through working with colors and having the individual describe how each color makes them feel, you can get a pretty accurate description of their psychological state and their mental habits. We all know blue to be calming, yellow to be joyous, red to be passionate, and black to be powerful. If, for example, someone found yellow to be a downer, then it is very likely that they are suffering from some form of acute depression. If someone found black to be invigorating or inspiring, then you would know that they love power a great deal and would be most ideally suited for a competitive business where they will receive plenty of clout for rising to the top of their profession.

In chronic drug addicts, color therapy can reveal some interesting phenomena. For example, someone who is continually mentally paranoid due to their addiction can find red to be overwhelming and black to be safe or intrusive. All of these diagnoses depend on the color therapist’s ability to read general and normal associations with color and the client’s particular relationships with the emotions which colors normally invoke, as well as any deviations from these norms. 

When implement drug screening in your office, it is important to remember that each of your employees has their own “abnormalities” or peculiarities which make them the individual whom they are. Workplace drug testing will always and only show up drug abuse or alcohol abuse, and will only ever point out these differences in your employees. Onsite drug and alcohol screening cannot make your workers feel equal in your eyes. Only your quality leadership can accomplish such a discerning task. For more information on how alcohol screening can aid in your business development, talk to Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Choosing Your Thoughts Like You Choose Your Clothes

When you get up in the morning, you go through your closet and see what clothes you have available to wear for your day at work or at home or out and about the city. You’ve been doing this for year, so you probably don’t give it any thought. However, it is not very often that you find someone who gets up in the morning and chooses the kind of thoughts they are going to have for that day. Do you do this?

It is so rare to find this that we feel that we must give a demonstration for what this would look like. 

First, pick your mood. These options include happy, peaceful, joyous, delighted, somber, quiet, excited, creative, and stabile. Your mood is the overall color of what you will be feeling throughout the day. It is therefore important to pick something that you actually think you can maintain throughout the day.

Next, you would pick your attitudes about different things on your schedule for today. You would think of all of your plans today, and you choose your attitudes toward each individual thing. These choices can include determination, persistence, agreement, personality, and ease of fluidity. 

The most specific thing in your options list will be your individual thoughts. You should pick six to eight to toggle between throughout the day for different purposes. These individual thoughts can include things like satisfaction, pride in your work, quality over quantity, meaningful personal interactions, and discernment about what someone else is saying.

As you see, the options for narrowing down and picking your thoughts are quite varied and you have a great deal to work with. You have much more to work with than just picking out your clothes, since you can pick any thought or attitude or mood that you want. In the workplace, this is essential, since employees with positive attitudes are the most productive, the most enjoyable to be around, and the best leader over other employees.

Workplace drug testing is definitely a component of a safe and healthy workplace, mostly because it promotes the kinds of healthy feelings toward work that you would wish for your employees to possess. To understand more about drug screening and how you can take advantage of our onsite drug and alcohol testing services, call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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