Friday, October 19, 2012

The Scheduling Concerns of NSWMC are Not About Time

All schedules pertain to time, even if it is not obvious at first glance. A good example is the Schedule 1 of listed chemicals that is attached to the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (NSW). Though this is not a time schedule, it certainly has time implications. Statistically speaking, workers using the chemicals or drugs listed on Schedule 1 are normally less productive and have higher rates of taking sick days. The problem is that the Schedule 1 lists specific chemicals by name, and the illicit drug manufacturers have figured out they can make simple formula changes and create chemical compositions that are not on the Schedule 1.

Some progress has been made to make formula changes illegal. In February 2012, the term ‘synthetic cannabinomimetics’ was added to the federal Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons Schedule 9, which lists prohibited substances. Schedule 9 now includes all known synthetic cannabinoids plus the catch-all term. Laboratory researchers have also developed urine and saliva drug tests that can detect synthetic cannabis like K2, Kronic and Spice.

Temporarily Legal

Several months ago, the CEO of the NSW Minerals Council (NSWMC), Stephen Galilee, submitted a letter to Parliament House to put pressure on legislators to deal with Schedule 1 terminology changes.1 The problem boils down to the fact that illicit drug makers are staying one step ahead of the law in many drug categories.

The NSWMC wants the same approach taken with the NSW Schedule 1 that was used with Schedule 9, to make it easier for employers to manage illicit drug use in the mines. All cannabinoids would be included, and the exceptions would become drugs used for legitimate medicinal or research and training purposes .The NSWMC is right to be alarmed about the many versions of street drugs, and this is an issue that concerns all employers. The NSWMC believes that synthetic drugs should be regulated on a national basis to make it easier to stay ahead of the illegal drug makers through catch-all terminology, rather than trying to regulate illicit drugs on a state-by-state basis.

As long as Schedule 1, Schedule 9 or any other state or federal schedule names specific synthetic drugs, some of the street drugs are temporarily legal until the law catches up with the changes and the drugs get added to the schedules. The street chemists are busy developing new synthetic drugs all the time, and they mimic stimulants and dissociative drugs. The chemists are smart because they can adjust the formula slightly and create a powerful new street drug that is technically legal. The street chemists often begin their efforts by mining chemical composition information from legitimate research reports prepared by laboratories and universities.3

Asking the Right Questions

The new street drugs seem to get more powerful all the time, and that means they get more dangerous. The increasing frequency of psychotic episodes seen amongst drug users is a testament to that fact. The chemical compositions are extremely sophisticated, and the street chemists adjust the formulas as rapidly as the drugs are discovered by the law. Though a catch-all phrase could be added to the laws for all synthetic drugs, there remains a terminology problem. How do you define similar chemical compounds? How close in chemical composition does a drug have to be in order to be considered similar?

These are precisely the types of questions that NSWMC is asking Parliament to consider. In the meantime, employers must diligently continue random workplace drug testing and keep drug and alcohol testing policies relevant. It is easier for an employer than the government to adjust policy terminology to address intolerance for any and all workplace substance abuse – legal or not.

In a world where illicit drugs are manufactured on a routine basis, it is important to use only top quality screening services. Mediscreen at offers state-of-the-art drug and alcohol screening services to a variety of businesses working to maintain drug free workplaces.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sudden Intolerance for Certain People

So you have been working beside someone for a while now, and you are familiar with their particular levels of tolerance. Now, you must find out what is going on with them, for their levels of tolerance are dropping below normal standards for them. More than likely, something is upsetting them or stressing them out temporarily in their private life, but if this continues, then they may have an overall lower level of tolerance for people.

The ability to see and discern and understand people is what makes people able to grow. We must be able to learn about other people in order to grow ourselves and keep a score of where we are in our lives. Yes, this really is a matter of keeping up with the Jones’ because it is a matter of understanding how your personal development matches up with the development of another. Of course not everyone has the same energy, but most people have the similar patterns of development. If you can compare your own growth with that of another and honestly come out strong, then you are on the right track.

At this point, honesty with yourself is extremely important. After all, if you cannot be honest with yourself, then you cannot truly determine where you are in your own development. Drug screening becomes necessary when employees begin to excuse their lack of keeping up with everyone else, rather than taking responsibility for this fact. Owning your own problems is the sign of an adult. Avoiding them is the sign of a rebellious child. Drug Alcohol Testing and, in truth, all Alcohol Drug Testing, begins to address some of the symptoms of this mentality. Victimhood is a dangerous thing to productivity. Workplace drug testing can bring a certain amount of stability to this, and show you which employees are maintaining their work ethic and which may start making excuses for their lack of production. Drug & Alcohol Testing takes this a step further, and begins to make such responsibility evaluation so much easier than it was in the past. Mediscreen provides onsite drug and alcohol screening for businesses in Australia.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting Out While the Getting is Good

We have all heard the moniker about how important timing is. In fact, those of us who have experience with timing understand that it is every bit just as, if not several times more, important as other parts of a plan. Without correct timing, money is wasted, people are hurt or they die, disasters become many times more likely to occur, and success can become a lot more complicated when the best success is easy success.

Getting out while the getting is good is one of the best ways to judge how scared someone is of current volatility. If they mention this phrase, as opposed to quoting actual data which will reveal the difference between real and imagined risk, then they may simply be acting upon their emotional reactions, rather than thoughtfully and cold bloodedly thinking out the facts and considering the energy and sway of this particular situation.

In short, if you cannot think of a logical or gut reason for doing something, then you may be doing it from an emotional reaction or lashing out or back. This is a dangerous place to be in, emotionally, if you are to succeed. Especially with that easy success we mentioned earlier.

Sometimes, companies deal with many lay-offs, employees quitting, unsafe working conditions, and high employee turnover. This is a time of high volatility, and it may cause businesses to make drastic and sudden movements and quick decisions. Instead, think about stabilizing this equilibrium through the use of alcohol drug testing and drug screening. Workplace drug testing bears a certain requirement of the business to take responsibility for the workers it hires, and requirement of the employee to use their job skills and stay away from substances, or lose their position or even their income within the firm. Workplace drug testing laws do not have to be in place for a specific industry in order for these two types of responsibility to be taken.

Mediscreen provides onsite drug and alcohol screening for businesses throughout Australia, which takes this stability a step further than regular laboratory testing. We would love to bear the responsibility of doing business with your company.

Self Accountability

We all must be accountable to ourselves and those of us who aren’t are living a lie. Why is this? Well, to begin with, accountability requires seeing your life and the truth for what it really is, and then having the strength of character for seeing your reality for what it could be in the future. In this manner, you can see where you actually stand without lying to yourself, and you can see where it is possible for you to go if you choose to make different decisions in your life. After all, if you have these two scenarios down, then you are more likely to take control of your life, and do it in a much more aggressive manner. What would you do if you had ultimate control over your life? What would you do if you could make anything happen that you wanted to have happen?

More importantly, would you be able to handle it once you had it?

Ah, therein lies the problem. Most people want more and say that they want more, but they do nothing about it because, deep down inside, they know that they are not willing to change their own behavior to match their new lifestyle. This is a dangerous way to think because it breeds dissatisfaction without actually changing anything around you or, in other words, allowing for a release of your dissatisfaction. You must therefore either allow for the release or stop complaining to yourself. One or both must happen.

Self accountability means that you can take your own life and do with it what you will. When you are severely inhibited by drug abuse and alcoholism the self accountability flies out of the window. Workplace drug testing laws exist to help employees refrain from putting their coworkers in danger when they have low self accountability. It is not even attempted to stop them from abusing substances, but from allowing their actions to affect the actions of others. Alcohol testing is great for temporary drunken behavior, while regular drug screening is great for all other times. Onsite drug & alcohol Testing makes this process much easier. That is why you should call Mediscreen for more information about onsite drug and alcohol testing.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Putting Your Green Foot Forward

Sky Tech Geek has come out with the best and most innovative green business cards, which especially lend a cool touch to an eco friendly company. Putting your best foot forward is important. Many people notice an unusual business card in their collection, especially one that is larger than the rest, made of high quality card stock, and which is innovative in shape, color, or texture. It is important, if you own or work in an eco friendly company, to stay on the modern cutting edge by paying the extra buck for high quality, noticeable, sleek business cards that catch your memory.

The best cards in the collection of Sky Tech Geek include, but are not limited to, football fields, fuzzy material, origami construction, minimalist and understated print design, and many other features which you might consider when deciding on how you will be seen publicly in your absence. Often people keep their business cards together or in a file, and it pays to stand out in such a crowd, especially if you have many competitors in innovative design.

Part of the reason why design is instrumental in business card development is that design shows how modern and how forward thinking a company or an individual is. In fact, more than that, if a company can take the best from both the future and the past, then it is truly standing on a stabile foundation.

Put your green foot forward with eco friendly business cards, which are made from sustainable materials and which offer uniqueness and clarity in its design. Try to avoid making it too busy, unless it is a busy watermark in the background of the card. Even then, avoid more than two shades of colors in any part of the card, since that much color variety can overpower the information displayed thereon.

Envirosafe Solutions seeks to remain innovative, while providing effective chemical solutions to your specific business. Our eco friendly and industrial strength solvents, degreasers, and disinfectants are top of the line. For more information about our chemical solutions products.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Familiar Territory and New Habits

Let’s say that you are planning to implement drug and alcohol testing in your business, and that you are sure that this will change your working environment. What are some things to expect during this time?

How will habits change or familiar territory stay the same?

1. There may be initial protest. Many employees who already have not had to be tested may find it intrusive to be tested at this stage of the game. Be firm, because you want to set a standard that everyone is tested, and no one gets special treatment.

2. Workplace drug testing will temporarily regulate behavior. This will not last, however. Employees may be more conscious of their actions at first, but they will eventually return to their normal behavior. Drug screening is meant to identify policy breakers, not regulate overall behavior. It is not a controlling mechanism.

3. Alcohol testing will become spontaneous. Now that employees receive regularly scheduled testing, they may find ways around this, and you may find yourself needing to give someone a breathalyser test if they show up to work and are behaving wildly. This is something which should be done following company policy exactly, so that you do not leave yourself open to liability.

4. Normalcy will follow in time. After some time, things will return to normal. This is not to say that the spirit of the company won’t change, because it will, but things will settle down and hit a nice steady stride. The higher energy of your quality control will make it all seem worthwhile.

5. You can identify problem individuals. Ultimately, drug and alcohol testing will help you identify problematic or potentially problematic employees, and that will help you to make decisions about what you will do next. After all, without insight and information, how can you hope to make truly informed and wise decisions?

Mediscreen provides onsite drug and alcohol screening throughout Australia, and we service your businesses right on site.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Choosing Unattainable Quality

There are two programs of thought concerning the motto that “your reach should extend beyond your grasp.” In other words, if you reach for the stars you may not hit them, but you will most likely make it to the moon, at the least.

One program of thought is geared toward creating stability in the immediate world around your person, so that you feel safe and that you can grow, instead of always having to spend your energy defending your current territory and your current energy level.

The other program of thought is based upon being comfortable with high risk. This is the thought that you can achieve anything you want, but you must not be afraid of experimentation and getting messy and jumping in with both feet. This program of thought is based upon the assumption that you will increase your gain faster if you pursue it faster and more thoroughly and more tenaciously, and plan what you will do with your new resources later on.

Quality is something which is not only subjective, but high quality can be recognized by many people, although some will see it as “too high” or “fancy” and others will see it as insufficient.

In drug screening and Drug Alcohol Testing, employers must keep in mind that employee opinions about these procedures will always be somewhat controversial, somewhat accepting. It is important to remember that you cannot base your entire thinking about what vocal employees are saying. Perhaps the non-vocal employees are content, rather than dissatisfied and silent. You are the executive. It is your responsibility to protect their working environment. Workplace drug testing can help you to do this. Onsite Drug & Alcohol Testing can bring the quality of your business to previously unattainable heights by identifying employees who bring the collective energy down. We all know what low collective energy can look like. Walk through the slums sometime. It is an energy of basic survival, not one of abundance and carefree safe working conditions.

Workplace drug testing laws originally were created to increase safety in hazardous working conditions, but many non-hazardous industries have adopted drug screening as an extra step up.