Friday, August 24, 2012

Defensive and Offensive Game Plays

Mediscreen offers onsite drug and alcohol screening for businesses throughout Australia. Our services are especially valuable for international and local large companies, which may or may not already have an employee drug screening program already in place. We can take care of that part of your business, thoroughly. As for the rest of your operations, business can be competitive, and it is always best to have both defensive and offensive game play strategies for your company and its competitive edge.

Define your business. Yes, yes, we know that this is a basic strategy step, but it is important to have a clearly defined goal when you set up operations. Most businesses fail BECAUSE they lack this step. When asked what they do, they are unable to give a clearly defined account of their proceedings, and when asked to perform any of these services, they are unable to do so with a clearly defined set of instructions. There is no definitiveness to the process or even the goal itself.

Study your competition. See what they are doing and evaluate whether or not your business should likewise change. This is NOT an urge to change every time the competition does. This is a way to monitor and keep track of the progress your industry makes and the changes and morphs that it goes through, and it’s a way to decide how you want to position your company in the morph and post-morph.

Finally, there is definitely something to be said for sticking to your guns. In these times of social change and constant fluctuation, it is sometimes comforting to certain client bases to simply know that you do not change and that you are always strong and reliable and up-to-date. This is something which can be highly beneficial to you, and it is always something which you, as their leader, should believe in if they are to believe in it as well.
We return to Mediscreen, where we provide stellar onsite drug and alcohol testing for your business. Some workplace drug testing laws even require that you implement this for your employees, depending upon the industry in which you operate.

Continued Drug Abuse and Volatile Emotional Reactions

Unfortunately, many people continue drug abuse across substances and never actually rid themselves of their addiction. Drug addicts quit their drugs to become alcoholics, and vice versa. Since so many of your employees have most likely toyed with substance abuse in their earlier years, it is important to be able to pick out the ones who are still doing it, either from desire or necessity. Workplace drug testing helps you to ascertain what is at the bottom of the abuse cycle and who is working for you because they actually enjoy their jobs.

Volatile emotional reactions are the number two indicator for drug or alcohol abuse and if any of your employees are especially testy, that might be the option for you. Emotional reactions stem from the need to feel in better control of your own environment and, while this is a very basic and normal human need, it can spiral out of control very fast when your inhibitions are compromised. Don’t get us wrong. We know that that is the precise reason why you may be abusing the substances in the first place. However, this is not appropriate in a professional environment, and can cause a lot of harm among coworkers. While not every employee would like to think of their coworkers as members of their own families, the truth is that a professional working environment is very similar to that of a household, where organization and cooperation are sorely needed. Employee drug and alcohol testing is one way to really cinch the deal. With onsite drug and alcohol screening, you can determine who is cooperating with the others, and who is slack and unprofessional, essentially making themselves no longer a part of the family.

Continued drug abuse shows a perpetual unwillingness to turn one’s life around, and that is destructive in and of itself. This unwillingness to grow or to improve one’s lifestyle will…WILL…manifest itself in your own company. This would be a good time to think about eradicating the problem. Mediscreen provides drug screening, and this is what is needed in order to make sure that your company’s assets are protected.


Compartmentalization is a phenomenon which a person uses to not deal with certain parts of their lives. In their brain, they put various things into walled-off compartments, and discreetly shut the door on those rooms. Thus, they do not have to actually think about or deal with something right away and, while they do not actually ignore that such-and-such a situation, person, or circumstance exists, they only have to deal with it for very short periods of time, and then they can walk away, shut the door to that room, and wall it off completely. People who are especially talented with that technique tend to be non-confrontational, weak emotionally, and desirous of peace for everyone. Drama, even positive drama, never enters their lives, and they never seek that out. Compartmentalization is used by them to survive and keep their own sanity in situations that they do not feel able to or inclined to handle.

Unfortunately, this leads to frustration in others who need that individual to deal with reality in the here and now. It causes many problems, because they do not become accustomed to working with reality and with building and interacting in relationships. It is effectively a very strong form of denial. It is shutting themselves off from everyone else, until only their tiny little world exists.

Drug and alcohol screening is designed to engage employees in the real world and to give you a set of hard data with which you can discern which employees are engaging with their reality and their work environment, and which are shutting themselves off through the use of drugs or alcohol. Workplace drug testing allows you to look at your collection of workers and to evaluate how well they are interested in, invested in, and contributing to your business. If they test positive on drug tests or alcohol breathalyser tests, then they may be simply showing up to work to make money, and have no interest in the sales of the products themselves or in the services which you offer. Look up onsite drug and alcohol testing services in Australia by checking out our website. Mediscreen delivers onsite drug and alcohol screening all over the nation.

Company Policies for New Drug Testing Methods

When you are switching over your company policies from lab testing to onsite drug and alcohol screening, you will have to make some changes to your business plan. However, you will fortunately not have to change things so much as you will just have to make some additions to the business plan. What are some things which you should add to the company business plan and how can you alter them to specifically apply to onsite drug and alcohol screening?

Begin with a standard drug screening plan. This written procedure should include a basic, standard guide on both drug and alcohol testing, as well as both types of drug tests, urine and saliva. This can be a simple copy from standard sheets which are available for business use, or it can be specifically tailored to your organization, especially if you have non-standard business plan or if your organization is very large. Make sure that the basic foundation of your employee testing plan is in place first and that it is strong and flexible.

Interact with Mediscreen. Next, call our offices and obtain thorough and exhaustive information about our specialized onsite drug and alcohol testing which is available through our company. This way, you know what to expect from onsite screening procedures, and you can then take the next step in adding this information to your existing drug and alcohol screening plan. Be sure to include any details which will replace (rather than simply add on to) standard employee laboratory testing.

Add the details after experiencing onsite testing a few times. This gives you some firsthand experience with the procedures involved, including storing your own employee records on your jobsite, and helps you to understand what to expect and various details you will need to add to the company plan. There is nothing quite like real life experience to refine written detail.

Mediscreen offers onsite drug and alcohol testing to companies all over Australia. We are based in Perth, and our phone lines are always manned by informed operators who will be able to answer any questions which you may have about the procedures, even just a quick, “What is it exactly that you can do for me?” Call Mediscreen today