Saturday, August 31, 2013

Are You Really You?…Appropriate Methods of Sample Donor

In a bit of whimsy, words from Aretha Franklin’s song “Think” come to mind when discussing appropriate methods for identifying drug and alcohol sample donors. Franklin, always popular when she visits Australia, vigorously proclaims in the chorus, “You better think about what you’re trying to do to me.” At one point in the song, she also belts out, “People walking around every day, playing games, taking scores…” Franklin could be singing about the people who try to cheat on their drug and alcohol tests. They will go to great lengths to pass the tests in order to get a job or prevent the loss of one. The sample collector would probably like to tell each donor to “…stop and think before you think…” and avoid attempting tricks, but in the interest of appropriateness will instead follow careful procedures to ensure saliva or urine samples are true and are marked properly so there are no mix-ups.

People do play a lot of games, and employers must be aware of how they are played. A lot of time is spent discussing the importance of using high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment and following careful collection sample collection. However, equally important steps in the process are the initial donor identification procedures. Instead of asking people to think before cheating, the collector may very well first ask, “Are you really you?” In other words, is the person presenting for the test really who he or she says she is?

All May Not Be as it Seems

These may seem like obvious questions but consider this: How do you know the person showing up for pre-employment testing at a sample collection site is the same person who will be hired? How does a sample collector in a large company know the person showing up at the collection site is the right person? Though it may seem unlikely, there have been attempts in the past to pass a drug test by letting someone else show up for the test. For this reason, employers should never take someone’s word as to their identification. A fake ID is one in which a legal ID has been altered in some manner or is illegally reproduced. It is illegal to make or use a fake ID or to attempt to pass off a legal ID that belongs to someone else.i

Proper identification includes a driver’s licence, proof of age card, a passport, or any state or territory issued photo ID. Employers should be familiar with the Keypass, mostly so they recognise it if it is presented.ii It is issued by a private company to people who do not have other photo identification like a driver’s licence. However, since it is not government regulated or issued, it is entirely up to the testing company as to whether it is accepted as proof of identity. If the person already works for the business and is subjected to random drug & alcohol testing selection, an employee identification card is also acceptable.

What is not an acceptable identification? Personal identification by friends or co-workers should be should not be accepted. This is particularly true for a safety-sensitive employee. Safety must always be a top priority in any business. Non-photo identification should not be accepted, nor should documents that are not original. Accepting copies of identification increases the risk that someone is impersonating another person or is trying to avoid detection for some reason.

It is a sad fact of life that there are people who will go to great lengths to pass drug and alcohol tests. Employers must recognise proper identification and institute policies that identify acceptable documentation. Anyone unable to produce the right type of identification should not be tested. The one thing employers will not have to worry about once samples are collected and sent to Mediscreen ( is proper documentation. The documentation and processes have been thoroughly evaluated by experts as to their appropriateness in the chain of custody.

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Advice for Co-Workers Detecting Workplace Substance Abuse

A Flinders University short document on drugs and alcohol is posted online for use as a business training resource. For those unfamiliar with the good work of this institution, Flinders University is where the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction is housed. This internationally recognised prestigious Centre does a lot of research in areas of societal use of alcohol and drugs, substance abuse in the workplace, and workforce development. The short document briefly defines legal and illicit drugs and lists typical work related problems occurring as a result of employee substance abuse. One of those problems is “conflict with workmates.”1

One of the most interesting and eye-opening statements on the 2-page training document says, “Research shows that contrary to popular opinion, the vast majority of alcoholics are not derelicts living on the streets. They are people holding down jobs, often responsible or senior jobs, in our workforce.” A random drug and alcohol testing program will detect substance use. However, the truth be known, co-workers usually figure it out first because they are in the best position to detect physical and emotional changes in fellow workers.

What’s Wrong With You Today?

For example, someone abusing alcohol experiences mood changes, has poor judgement, makes poor decisions, and has impaired reactions, amongst other symptoms. An employee can hide some drug and alcohol abuse symptoms for a long period of time, and it is only those working with them on a daily basis that notice the person has begun having trouble concentrating, difficulty staying awake (the person is always seems to magically be awake when the supervisor comes by), has frequent conflicts with people the person once worked well with, and so on. Eventually, the manager or supervisor will see a pattern of declining work performance. This reinforces, once again, the importance of random drug and alcohol testing because it will reveal sooner rather than later that a worker is abusing substances.

A frequent question is: How should co-workers handle situations in which they suspect or witness drug and alcohol use? Situations such as these must be handled delicately because employees should never confront co-workers. If the effects of the drugs or alcohol are noticeable, there is no way to predict how a person would react if confronted. In addition, people under severe stress can act differently than they would normally. Their aberrant behaviour may be the result of extreme stress or personal problems. Accusing someone of using drugs or alcohol will only make the situation worse.

One of the important objectives of employee training is teaching people how to respond to certain situations, whether it is an irate customer or a co-worker with a terrible hangover and having trouble managing job responsibilities. Co-workers need to have a clear path for reporting troublesome situations. In the case of problematic substance use by fellow workers, the path should lead to Human Resources, whoever works with the business to provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), or the immediate supervisor. Trained professionals know how to legally approach workers suspected of using drugs and alcohol.

Showing Concern the Right Way

Of course, it is human nature to avoid “turning in” someone to a manager. Despite all warnings, employees will try to express concern to co-workers. Training should include explaining that expressing concern and attempting to pry into someone’s private life are two entirely different acts. Workers can be a resource for addicted co-workers by discussing the EAP program or supplying helpful contact information. However, people not trained in dealing with addiction can quickly escalate a troublesome situation, if the co-workers resent any interference or suggestion of wrongdoing.2

Above all, workers should always know that they must report to supervisors any and all safety issues. Usually the supervisor can quickly figure out the root of the problem upon investigation. Conflicts with workmates can be distressing and disruptive and sometimes dangerous. Employers need a robust drug and alcohol policy and an equally robust employee training program. Substance abuse can lead to unpredictable results, so employees need to know they have a way to get help when needed – help as a drug or alcohol user, or help as a co-worker.

Every drug and alcohol program needs to be supported with reliable screening services. Mediscreen ( trained collectors provide 24/7 screenings to businesses dedicated to implementing robust drug & alcohol testing programs.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Value of Money

There was a time when the value of money was tied up with the supply and demand of gold. Then, it was taken off of the gold standard and put on the silver standard. Then, money was valued based purely upon supply and demand, so that anyone complaining about the decreased value of money due to being taken off of the gold standard is wrong. The new value of money based upon supply and demand really determines the value of money, as long as you are not relating that value to your own needs. You see, the value of money is, in reality, determined by the need of it by the individual or company using it or bringing it in. This is a rather poignant fact that all companies like to avoid talking about because they prefer deferred credit and to know that their cash flow will not dry up any time soon. As long as those two things are taken care of, they really do not need to worry about things like the value of money.

Well, life is simple but not quite this idiotic. Good business economics and good business owners see that you need to absolutely make sure that you are aware of all of the things going on in your business, even if you don’t want to see them. Even if they are hard to accept, the only way that your business can improve is if you understand the logic and pain of problems which arise. Only then can you do something about them, making your company stronger in the long run. This is why Mediscreen provides onsite drug & alcohol testing for companies all over Australia. Our specialists show up to your place of work and they test all of your employees, while you save both money and time. Speaking of the value of money, you are increasing the value of money in your own place of work by spending less money on more efficient drug screening for your workers. It’s fast, easy, and simple to understand. The value of money was meant to be determined by market value.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Underdeveloped Side

In Jungian psychology, there are four sides to the human self, Intuitive, Sensate, Feeler, and Thinker. Many people are dominant in one or two of these sides, are somewhat accomplished in another side, but have an underdeveloped side which they are awkward and uncomfortable in. This means that many people have misunderstandings and cease to get along well because they are interacting with someone using this underdeveloped side with which they are so uncomfortable. This also means that this underdeveloped side almost controls what we do and don’t do, because we make decisions all the time based upon what we want to deal with and what we find difficult and awkward to do.
This underdeveloped side, whichever side it might be, determines where we are most and least comfortable and it determines how much of our thinking and emotions gets put into various activities and ways of interacting with other people. It also determines why various people may or may not resort to drug abuse or alcoholism. Many times, when someone feels alone or as if they cannot connect with the people around them, it is because of their underdeveloped side. In response, they may begin abusing substances as a way of coping with things.
It is important to evaluate your employees in order to determine how far many of them have gone in this process. What happens when someone is so isolated from aspects of themselves which are helpful that they begin to use due to psychological pain? What happens when a simple changing around of coworkers is all that is needed in order to bring people with similar typologies together? Isn’t it important to try to achieve success in this manner?
Of course, not all business owners have time to study typologies, but this would be beneficial if they did. In the meantime, you can determine where potential pain lies by where abuse lies. You can determine this through the use of employee drug & alcohol testing. Onsite drug and alcohol screening is meant to help you to see who is clean and who is not. It is simple and effective, while also protecting the assets of your company from potential liability. Most importantly, you always have time for testing if you are using onsite drug and alcohol screening, because Mediscreen makes it easy and cost effective. 

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Soul Cries Out

Have you ever seen someone who is in the throes of addiction? It’s a painful sight to watch. It’s painful to experience, even secondhand, and their soul is obviously crying out to be heard by someone who will listen. There is a strain between what is good for their brain and body and what feels good temporarily. This creates a really unsafe situation where they will do just about anything, including putting their brains and their bodies in huge danger, in order to satisfy that temporary need.
That temporary need will push friends and family members and even you out of their lives, perhaps permanently. As long as that temporary need holds sway over their desire and their heart, you cannot help them. You are powerless over their addiction, and really, so are they.
The soul cries out. What a dramatic thing to say. But when you are feeling unimaginable pain, and when you feel as if the pain will never go away and that you will never stop hurting, do you not cry out? Do you not cry out when your heart is hurting if a loved one is separated from you in some way? And we are talking about an addiction which steals both from the heart and from the body. Addicts are notoriously under fed and have low nutrition levels. Addicts are notoriously in deep physical pain from their malnutrition alone, not to mention their withdrawal symptoms, when they are not using.
Workplacedrug testing helps you to determine if this horror as entered into the workplace environment of your own working force. See if there is one employee who is bringing this unwanted pain onto the jobsite for everyone else to be exposed to, either directly or indirectly. Use drug and alcoholtesting to determine if your employees are being exposed to the physical danger and the emotional upheaval of an addict who is allowed on the worksite. This cannot go on. If your company has an Employee Assistance Program, see to it that your affected workers are enrolled right away. Otherwise, consider a termination of employment. After all, this is a professional environment, not a torture chamber. See if drug& alcohol testing is right for your business.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Role of a Lifetime

Every day, we put on masks and play our roles in the theatre of life. Every day, we look for meaning behind these masks and we look for purpose in our scripts. We get on stage and act our hearts out, but the audience never appreciates all of our efforts, and the reviews in the newspaper are weak at best.
Many people in today’s world do not understand the meaning and purpose of staying true to themselves. This is unfortunate, because it brings the truth out of the sheer light of day and hides it in the prop closet, where no one will see it.
Those who let their roles take over who they are become so pained by not being true to themselves that they may resort to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. Onsite drug and alcohol testing can determine if there is a problem, but it cannot make the problem go away.
The role of a lifetime occurs when we find our true selves and allow these truths to be apparent to everyone. It involves no acting at all, which is the hardest part of any role. It involves being true to who you are, and knowing who you are in the first place. It involves self love and acceptance and respect.
If every single one of your employees had these characteristics, then no one would be troubled about going to work or about job satisfaction or about how much time they spend on their jobs. If everyone understood the importance of searching within themselves for solutions, rather than outside of themselves, then there would be a lot fewer homicides and suicides in the world.
Until that over-idealistic reality hits earth, though, we must deal with what is in the here and now. Workplacedrug testing brings data to your desk which cannot be obtained accurately any other way. Today, we look for onsitedrug & alcohol testing, an easier alternative to standard testing methods, to solve most of our problems for us. Mediscreen specializes in onsitedrug and alcohol screening, and we would be honored to do business with you.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Force and the Flow

What happens when you try to force your employees to do anything? Is there not a fair amount of resistance at being compelled to do something, rather than choosing to do it yourself? How about you? How do you feel in relationships where your partner is attempting to force you into some sort of action? Obviously, attempting to force someone to do work at their job is not the right way of going about things. Motivation needs to come from within, or it’s not motivation. Employees who take pride in their work and become proficient at a job they feel confident in really allow themselves the ability to work longer and better and more productively. Companies need to understand that workers will not be motivated properly by incentives and other packages. Workers are motivated from within, and only from within. Of course, there is a full revenue on your end to consider, because happy employees make a better, more enjoyable company.

Mediscreen brings onsite drug & alcohol testing to your workplace. Whether it is an industrial jobsite or an office, your workers can be tested right there at their place of work. This means that they can get back to the flow of their work as soon as possible. Interruptions to the daily work flow can cost you millions per year, and it is important to have that flow continued as much as possible onsite drug and alcohol screening gives you the control over your worksite that you’ve been looking for. Employees react better to circumstances which they do not have to interrupt on a regular basis. It’s nice having a steady workflow. It reduces the time to think and the emotional investment in what you are doing. Don’t force things. Instead, go with the flow. Drug screening gives you all the data you need to evaluate your workers properly and in a calm, cool environment. Alcohol testing information gives you the awareness of inherent problems in workers who show up to their jobs in an inappropriate manner. Employees who wish to remain employed must show a certain level of respect for the professionalism of their workplace environment. To see about setting up workplace drug testing at your office or jobsite, call us here at Mediscreen today.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Birth of New Economic Classes

Have you ever thought of the possibility of building or creating your own economic class? Instead of just the upper, middle and lower classes, there would a Billy Bob class, and a Mary Louise class. Does that make any sense? Well, today, our technology and our vast amount of globalization has created an environment where people, if they want to, can form their own economic classes, which are separate and specific to them.

What does this mean for society?

It means that, no matter how much we complain and push to serve individual rights, it’s too late. We already have individual rights. We are pushing and complaining to achieve something that already exists.

In the business marketplace, this highly individualized setup has allowed businesses to take full advantage of the benefits of individual creativity and thinking. It is precisely this investment in personal abilities which can make or break a business. Therefore, it is necessary to protect these assets, i.e. these people. What better way than to use the power and influence of workplace drug testing?

Employee testing is not meant to be used as a deterrent. As we all know, deterrents don’t work. Rather, it meant as an information tool. It meant to be used by you to determine which, if any, of your employees are abusing drugs or alcohol. It may seem like you are spying on them, but the truth is, you are evaluating the quality condition of your business. This is a good leadership habit to have. Without being able to effectively evaluate all of the people and equipment in your company, how can you hope to run your business well, with any knowledge whatsoever of what to do? You need information tools like workplace drug testing, and that is why Mediscreen is here to help you.

Yes, you can create your own economic class, with you as the sole person in it. We are here to help you maintain whatever class you are in, and to keep it well maintained in the future. For that, you need the information that drug screening provides you. 

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pushing Your Comfort Level Outward

What happens when we are forced to operate outside of our comfort levels? Obviously, we feel awkward and uncomfortable. It makes us see things in a new perspective, but it sure doesn’t feel good and it sure makes us look for the fastest way possible to get back to our comfort zones. People who are most adept at operating outside of their comfort zones are people who have mastered the art of pushing their comfort level outward or, in other words, expanding their comfort zones to include new areas.

Comfort levels are notoriously places where we live and breathe, and we often do not bother to step outside of our comfort zones if we don’t feel like it. The funny thing is that over time humans can adjust and become used to just about anything. Isn’t that interesting, when if you are exposed beyond your comfort zone for a long period of time, you will naturally have expanded it to include those new areas?

Wow, what an interesting phenomenon.

When it comes to workplace drug testing, Mediscreen is determined to take an otherwise uncomfortable experience for your employees and to make it more comfortable and familiar. Onsite drug and alcohol screening gives your workers the option to be tested right there at their place of work. That is most fortunate, because it reduces time away from work and time off from work.

Pushing your comfort level outward may even involve you evaluating your employees more closely. Everyone needs to know that they can grow and change, and that includes you and your company. Workers who are acting strangely or less than professional need to have better perspective and this is only possible if you, their boss, knows about it.

Mediscreen provides you with fast, reliable data upon which you can make your decisions. This information is meant to protect your business or at least give you the option of firing workers or placing them in an assistance program. We are all dealing with ghosts and demons from our past. If there is a way around this, then it is worth it to try to find help for your employees. Call Mediscreen today to set up onsite drug and alcohol testing

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Lessons from an Intuitive

Intuitive people are those whose primary typology is intuition, as opposed to thinking, feeling, or sensing. Intuitive people are those whose strength lies in seeing a situation along a timeline, including the past and the future of a certain event. The opposite typology to intuitive is sensate, which sees things directly, one point at a time, in the present moment.

Lessons from the intuitive world include introspection, ability to see the energies and spirits surrounding individual issues, including political and personal agendas, understanding of how a process occurred and where it will go in the future, and why people do what they do.

If someone is an intuitive but is also abusing drugs and alcohol, then there is something truly wrong with their perspective on the world. Intuitive naturally understand the destructive effects surrounding such behavior, so they will either do it to attempt to defeat and thus be stronger than the drug effects or they will do it because they are truly in so much intense pain and they actually feel so misunderstood that they will seek solace or escape in a behavior they know to be worthless.

In the workplace, intuitives do well in consulting positions where their gut instinct is where and how they make their money. If you are looking for someone to actually correctly predict market behavior or the behavior of a stock, then don’t ask a thinker, feeler or sensate. Ask an intuitive. In the meantime, protect your company assets by using the power of workplace drug testing.

Onsite drug and alcohol screening is available for people who believe that their employees should be tested but who do not wish to pay the high overhead costs for a laboratory. Mediscreen makes it easy. You simply schedule us to come to your business place, and we will screen all of your employees, store your employee records right there onsite, and be very efficient. Because we do not pay for additional laboratory time and space, your costs are reduced, your employees take less time off of work or free time, and they can get back to their jobs much quicker and easier.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Is History Worth Forgetting?

We have often heard the saying about how history should be remembered or we will be doomed to repeat it. The interesting thing about this phrase is that not all of history was bad, and so therefore some of it could do with a little repeating. History is of course subjective and people often worry that history really is written by the victors. In many cases this is true, but unless an entire civilization has been wiped out, people often wish to tell their side of the story and this is done by writing history down, perpetually. Now, when it comes to the good sides of history which bear repeating, there is often a misunderstanding about what is worth repeating.

In this age of technology, old traditions and handicrafts have been neglected in favor of efficiency and cold hard surfaces. There are many ways in which someone can bring some of this old history back into their lives. Antiques are considered worth preserving, but many people preserve them but don’t use them, thus negating their past usefulness. There must be function in all history which repeats itself. That is the primary goal. The secondary goal is to tie ourselves back to our original roots through historical perspective.

In the workplace, people often do not think of things in terms of “roots” for many businesses have a set lifetime, and few actually plan to be around for the next one hundred years. Also, now that the middle class in major economies has effective disappeared and companies have become more technologically oriented, a lifetime career is no longer that much of an option anymore.

Drug and alcohol testing help you gain perspective on what is happening with your employees. It gives you information about their history and what they are doing now, as far as substance abuse goes. History is not worth repeating in the case of drug abuse or alcoholism, but many addicts feel as if they don’t have a choice and continue their abusive behavior. Workplace drug testing can really give you the information you need to make smart choices for the sake of your company. Company assets are worth protecting and in this case, history is worth repeating. Maintain the integrity and the history of your own company. Call Mediscreen for drug screening solutions right now.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Endorphin Rushes and Later Emptiness

Endorphin highs are very addictive. First of all, we all experience them to some degree. When you itch, you scratch the itch, thus releasing endorphins to deal with the pain of the scratch, and you feel a small endorphin jolt. However, endorphin highs can come in much greater quantity and intensity. For example, a day of working out at the gym can mean a month’s worth of endorphins loaded into one experience. Man, it sure does feel good to get that kind of endorphin high, not to mention that it is also good for you, too. But, that is not the only kind of high you can get. Drugs create endorphin highs all the time, and this is especially true for illegal narcotics which are designed to specifically prolong the endorphin high and create a dependency upon these endorphin rushes over a longer period of time.

Of course, when you come off of a high, the crash is insanely painful. It’s because the neuro-chemicals in your brain are no longer being stimulated to a high degree, which means that everyday normal brain processes really don’t feel as good as “normal” anymore.

You need to know if your employees are addicted to these substances. If you know, then you are able to do something about it, like get them into an Employee Assistance Program within your business or consider the termination of their employment. While we all value people, you must consider the rest of your employees, their safety, and the safety of their income. Your company relies upon qualified employees in order to keep everyone’s paychecks coming in the first place. The later emptiness which results from an endorphin crash can be calming or just downright irritating. Workers who are required to maintain a professional attitude at all times are not in a position to become addicted to any substances, much less illicit drugs. Workplace drug testing can help give you the data you need in order to make informed decisions about your employees. Onsite drug & alcohol testing takes this process a step further and enables you to do this while at work.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Colors of the Wind

Every day, countless homosexuals are both accepted and rejected due to their sexual preference. Now, this can over time lead to depression, poor health, and pretty much any symptom under the sun related to not being accepted by society. In the workplace, this pain can be especially poignant because it is within an environment where everyone should feel safe and able to do their best work on the job. Work is for work, not for controversial social issues. When pushed far enough, many people resort to their form of help, and for some, that means drug addiction or alcoholism. When someone’s self esteem is suffering from certain drawbacks, it is important to remember to get the kind of help that can someday bring you permanently out of the dark and into a place where you feel and are loved and accepted. It is not a solution to resort to self annihilating behavior like drug, alcohol, or any other kind of abuse.

For Mediscreen, our only job is to screen employees for drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Onsite drug and alcohol screening makes this process very easy and simple to do. This is true, especially for you, our client. Unfortunately, there can be many reasons for needing your employees tested, not the least of which is personal problems arising from complicated situations like homosexuality in today’s society. There must be more acceptance and reason exercised when dealing with situations like this. Many people resort to drug abuse or other forms of self abuse when they are not able to feel adequate either at work or at home. This creates no safe place where they can feel at home and ready to go off to work every day. It’s like being trapped outside of your own life. The need for drug and alcohol testing in today’s society is indicative of many personal problems which humanity has been dealing with for some time now. Let us help you receive the information you need about potential employee substance abuse. We can give you the best in onsite drug and alcohol screening that is offered in Australia.

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