Thursday, July 31, 2014

Signs of Alarm

drug testing experts
drug testing experts
When you are talking with someone and they behave in an unexpected way, in a way which denotes fear, anxiety, shiftiness, cowardice, or some other negative trait, then you may wonder at their behavior. It is the unexpected which causes us to wonder. If we expect someone to be nervous and agitated, then we don’t really care if they end up being that way, and some of us may even find it amusing, on top of that. However, if someone displays a negative trait when one was not expected, it sounds as an alarm in our brain.

We weren’t expecting something shifty like that.

Therefore, sound the alarm.

Of course, alarm also indicates fear and many people are either afraid of a situation they are currently in or they are naturally very fearful. In this way, they depict alarm in situations where it is not appropriate or productive to do so.

For instance, if someone just saw a coworker die or they learned that their spouse is cheating on them, it would make sense that they would immediately go out for a strong drink as soon as they leave work.

However, if your employees are simply bringing drugs or alcohol to the workplace environment to consume them onsite, then you have a very real problem on your hands. Not only is this a problem in case someone is injured, but the spirit of fear spreads very quickly and people who are easily stressed out often find themselves abusing drugs or alcohol while on the jobsite. Well, of course, that is not appropriate, so make sure that you have plenty of regular drug testing scheduled for the future.

Don’t be alarmed. Be informed. Stay on top of your pre-employment screening and your onsite saliva collection by switching services over to Mediscreen. We come as often as you schedule us, and we screen everyone in your business right there onsite. If you are looking for convenience, or saved money, or just want to find a business which is NATA accredited for medical testing, then you have found the right place with us.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When You are Easily Influenced

drug testing program
drug testing program
Some of us are more easily influenced than others. No, this does not make us weaker and it does not make us idiots. It just means that our spirit reacts to external influences in more personal way. Out of the four major personality types (Thinker, Feeler, Intuitive, and Sensate), the Feelers and the Intuitives, especially the Intuitives, are more likely to be easily influenced or easily affected by their surroundings.

Therefore, it is of great importance to know what to do about this little trait of yours if you have it. There are, of course, times when you want to be affected by a good movie, a close friend, or the bonds of friendship out in the wild around a campfire. However, when your boss is yelling at your or your spouse is demoralizing you, it is a good idea to know of a way to shut down the influence these things have on your spirit.

First, you must step back, both literally and figuratively. By giving yourself a modicum of distance between yourself and your problems, you are beginning the separation process. Then, recognize how they and their way of dealing with life is different from yours. They may be more emotional and you may be more practical, etc.

After you’ve done those two things, give them a response which is uniquely your own, not a copy or an exact opposite of their reaction. This way, you are making your response controlled by you and not them.

Finally, make sure these traits don’t interfere with your business. Use onsite drug and alcohol screening from Mediscreen to bring a more democratic approach to this process. Simply screen all of your employees at their place of business with our handy mobile drug and alcohol testing system, and we will make sure that your time and money are saved from having to send all of your workers to a regular laboratory. Onsite drug testing is infinitely more valuable than the slow, tedious waiting in line and traveling that laboratory screening requires.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Personal Code of Ethics

AOD screening
AOD screening
Are codes of ethics different between societies and individual people? What I mean by this is, is a personal code of ethics necessarily any different from that of the society they keep and the societal standards which are around them?

It’s a good question, and it makes all of us think, individually, about how we have set up our own personal codes of ethics. After all, don’t we all think constantly about our ethics? The answer is, not really. It is usually not required to think about these things. Unless you have an inherently philosophical nature, you probably haven’t thought more than once or twice about your own personal ethics. It’s not exactly the grocery list, the interesting book you’re reading, or your love life, nor would it hold your attention as long as these things would.

It’s necessary, therefore, to think about it now, when the subject has been broached. Think about what you believe about your rights to do things, and whether or not your version of “right” and “wrong” directly correspond with the laws of your area. This is not a political article. It is merely to get businesspeople thinking about how they go about presenting their business to the public.

You will need to make sure that your employees are exhibiting the same professionalism that you exhibit. And, if they cannot do this, are they working in a part of your business where this would still be acceptable? Looking at drug testing program, such as an onsite drug and alcohol testing program, would naturally be a part of your job as the owner or manager of your business. It is necessary to set an example, so being visibly active in your business’ drug testing program is a good idea.

If you would like to make sure that your employees maintain a strong personal code of ethics, well you cannot read their minds, but you can employ a regular onsite drug testing system from Mediscreen. We bring our accreditation by NATA to AS760 to your business place. We have a high quality onsite saliva collection program which can become part of your regular fitness and wellness testing.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Blue Water

synthetic drug testing
synthetic drug testing
When you think of water, you think of blue water. Very few people think of water as an actually clear substance, even though we all know that that is exactly what it is. Water is blue, in our minds. When we visualize the ocean, it is blue. When we think about a swimming pool or a pool of any kind, we see it as blue. Even a bathtub full of water has a faint bluish tinge, and so we even think of that as blue, just a little.

Well, the reality is that water is not blue. It is clear. It is colorless. However, your perception is reality, is it not? When your business thinks about gaining success, does it not think about the ways in which it is weak? It is good to care about these things, but not that much. You have to care, but not that much! Really, it is true.

What do you think of when you think about money? Do you picture yourself paying all of your bills and still having money left over in the end? Do you picture your company bringing in revenue but still being in a lot of debt when all is said and done?

Perception is reality, and this is not exception.

Employees feel successful in an environment of success. You, yourself, feel better in when you think of things which make you feel better. Don’t worry if they are not realistic. Don’t worry if your head is temporarily in the clouds. If you are working toward a real goal with real rewards, your motivation will be sky high. However, if you look at the appearances of things as they are now, this less-than-perfect view can determine and focus how you see the world tomorrow.

Don’t bet on everyone having your back. However, you should expect it. Don’t plan for the future while avoiding your employees’ flaws and bad habits. However, plan for the future where it is not only easy to succeed, but success is something which is worth achieving.

Mediscreen is NATA accredited for onsite drug testing, and we bring onsite drug testing and alcohol screening to your business on a whole new level. We are accredited by NATA for 4308 onsite collection. If you are looking for improvements, look at us.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Exercises in Success, Rinse and Repeat

drug testing experts
drug testing experts
We are all familiar with the old shampoo bottle adage “rinse and repeat” which is printed on all our showering hair care regimen materials. Of course, when you are exercising other skills besides lathering your tresses, you may find it easier to remember that habits are the foundation of all success and most failures. Habits, repeated over and over until you really get down the routine, are part of what make humans so powerful and yet so vulnerable.

If you repeat exercises in success, whatever they may be for your particular job title and routine, you are creating habits of success. This is a great way to leverage the power of your sub conscious mind into creating habits which you don’t have to invest in physically, emotionally or mentally like you would your non-habitual actions.

The way that humans are vulnerable, though, is through the same process. If you create habits of failure or of just not doing anything when you know you should be performing and completing tasks, then you are making it easy on yourself to not fulfill tasks, not complete work and to not end up being successful at the end of the day, or at least without enormous amounts of emotional energy being sunk into the work at hand.

Exercises in success must be kept up, day after day, even when they become irksome, because when the habits sets in for the long term, you will find it to be invaluable in your daily work. For more information, check out the book titled “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.

In the meantime, contact Mediscreen today. We are NATA accredited for medical testing, and we bring our fitness and testing, our mobile drug testing and alcohol testing, and our high quality customer service directly to your workplace. We make sure that you have everything you need to make a success out of your business and to keep it on top during all of the inevitable changes which occur in the business marketplace.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Misery Does NOT Love Company

drug testing experts
drug testing experts
While we all enjoy getting together to complain about the same thing because we believe that it gives us some sort of relief or venting power, misery does not always love company. Some people who are introverted and keep to themselves only withdraw further into their own worlds when they are looking to get away from it all. This means that they have no desire to be helped by outsiders and it means that they are looking to gain peace, or at least to mask their pain, by collecting their thoughts in private and by working everything out for themselves.

Extroverts, or people who love being sociable most of the time, still have a great desire to receive help from other people. In fact, the energy of other people, as long as it is positive energy, really makes them feel good and they walk away from bad circumstances feeling uplifted and hopeful.

Often, extroverts do not understand introverts, and they call them “shy” as if somehow introverts are fearful of being around other people. It is simply a preference and they enjoy putting their energy inward rather than outward.

Now, if misery loves company in some ways, it certainly despises company in other ways. You see, if introverts are given the chance, they would choose to be by themselves and to figure things out in the privacy of their own minds rather than airing things in public and then discussing and arguing the matter with other extroverts until everyone feels satisfied. Introverts often want a definite concrete solution.

It is important that when introverts abuse drugs or alcohol, they are not able to isolate themselves fully from the world around them. That is how their abuse can turn into obsession.

And, I should know. I am a hardcore introvert, myself.

That is why Mediscreen brings onsite drug testing and alcohol screening straight to your business. We are even NATA certified for our onsite drug screening. NATA accredited Medisceen to AS 4308 for onsite urine drug testing. If you get everyone screened at once, then it is over and done with, and everyone can quickly and easily return to their workplace duties without all of this added pressure to schedule something else and meet with more people and stress out even more about everything.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Peace Created and Peace Born

AOD screening
AOD screening
We all know someone who is naturally peaceful and who naturally takes the world by storm in their own quiet, peaceful, easygoing and carefree way. What is their secret? Do they just always feel comfortable in their surroundings? The truth is that peace created and peace born are not that different. People who are naturally peaceful were still raised in an environment where peace was naturally and easily available. Therefore, it stands to reason that those who are trying to create their own peace would be doing something inherently similar to those who seem to be born with it.

Peace is defined differently to all of us. Some of us have a need to for literal peace and quiet, with no hassles, pressures, or deadlines. Some of us just want to get along with people and as long as we have that, we’re good. And then there are some of us who just want to be physically safe and to be able to work at a real and stable job, and our needs are fully met. So, as you can see, we all have different requirements for what brings peace into our lives.

At work, we may need our boss to correct us gently rather than harshly in order to retain our peace. Sometimes, we just want the deadlines and pressure of work because it makes us feel alive inside. At other times, we will do anything at our jobs and put up with any type of stress just so long as we have a definite cut off point at the end of the workday, with no overtime whatsoever.

Mediscreen is available to your work for another reason: the peace of knowing that your employees are drug tested and clean. That really makes all of the difference, doesn’t it? When you know that you are working people who are clear headed, you can develop work habits and patterns of behavior which are good for your company. Drug testing in Australia is made easy by our 4308 onsite collection. If you would like to know more about what we can for your business.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Alluring Office Personnel

worker health check
worker health check
We have all known alluring office personnel. Particularly, there is usually one or two people in the office who far outreach everyone else when it comes to looks. Their allure is extremely clear. It is not just about being good looking, though that is a large piece of the pie. It is about their grooming, their self-respect, their strength, their confidence, and their personality.

Many people dream about being or being noticed by these gods and goddesses of the workplace. However, many of them don’t consider themselves that distant from everyone else. Yes, they know they’re better appearing, but they don’t consider the gap to be that wide. The truth is that most people who are not on the top of the looks pyramid consider themselves to be a lot further away from the top of the pyramid than the way things appear from the top itself.

If misunderstandings arise in the office, especially between these different levels of appearance among people, it can lead to resentment and many other irrational behaviors. Therefore, it is necessary to keep everyone’s head clear and to make sure that company policies preventing drug and alcohol substance abuse in the workplace from being broken. It is also very important that the attractive people are not hindered or shown more respect than they are due. They should be taken seriously, and they should also make themselves worthy of being taken seriously. That involves making sure that your employee onsite drug testing program is up to par and working properly and regularly.

Make sure that your business itself is alluring, and you can only do this by bringing in lots of correct, accurate, reliable employee evaluation techniques.

Mediscreen is accredited to carry out onsite urine drug testing to AS 4308. Our synthetic drug testing is perfect for keeping your business alluring, strong, healthy, and in good working order. Our mobile service, our onsite drug testing, is ready for your testing and implementation. We help you with your pre-employment screening, and with your regular testing process. We bring your screening right to your place of business. Now, there is not much which is more alluring than that to both employees and business owners.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mastering the Basics, Over and Over

drug testing experts
drug testing experts
If you have become a business master, then you are aware of how important the basics are. Everyone seems to be focused on learning quickly and mastering all of the complicated techniques out there that there are to learn. However, if you cannot master the basics, those techniques will be useless, and you can conquer the business world, the gladiator’s arena, the marathon, and any other challenge presented to you if you have only the basics but they are mastered.

So, what are the basics, exactly? Well, if you are a carpenter, the basics would be the simple things like measuring, cutting, and nailing. The simple things which you learn in the very beginning. If you are a writer, then the basics would be clear, simple sentences with proper punctuation and grammar. A homemaker would have basics such as simple gardening, basic cleaning, and easy cooking.

In business, the basics include implementing different systems, such as mobile drug testing and alcohol testing like the kind of services you can get from Mediscreen. We provide synthetic drug testing as well as alcohol screening to businesses all over Australia, and we come to your worksite. Mediscreen is NATA accredited for medical testing, and we are proud of our long record of high quality business to business service.

If you wish to hire us, we can come to your workplace, screen all of your employees, and their records will be stored on site, at their place of work. This is one of the basic systems which, if you keep practicing it, will hold up to scrutiny and will bear your business forward with gusto, hope, and a reasonable amount of peace to boot. Mediscreen’s drug testing knowledgebase is wide, varied, and deep. We have many skills, qualifications, and business talents which will make your own business that much more enjoyable and that much better able to address any difficulties which may arise from dissatisfactory test results, if they are any. Master the basics of your business.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Best Path for Growth

drug testing experts
drug testing experts
Growth in business must be planned. The way a business system or business plan is set up is rather regimental and does not allow for any growth in the future, or very little, if it does. Growth must absolutely be planned for, otherwise it cannot take place.

And, if growth cannot take place in your business, the orders will roll in but you will not have enough manpower or systems in place to deal with them, or your business will be ready to grow, but you will have prevented it from bringing in any more money than it did last year, which is not a good thing if inflation and the economy make growth pretty much necessary.

By placing your trust in the inevitability of change, by expecting it but not forcing it, you will always be prepared for change in the future. It is easy for us all to get in the habit of not having change in our lives, but the truth is that that is how few people actually grow and learn. Change may come slowly, or it may come in overlapping steps, but if it comes, it really helps the people who embrace it.

That includes businesses.

The best path for growth is to expect, but not force, change. That way, when things begin to shift, you can make preparations in plenty of time for staff changes, company re-organization, redistribution of company funds, and so on. Knowledge is power, in this case, and awareness brings that power to you.

Make sure that your employees are ready for any change which occurs in your business. This may include layoffs, re-organization, new strategies, new systems, etc. They cannot do their best for you if they are under the influence of illicit substances while at work. Mediscreen brings pre-employment screening and regular drug and alcohol testing to your place of business. Mediscreen has NATA accreditation to AS 4308, and our onsite drug testing services are unparalleled in Australia. No matter where your business is located, we are here for you.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Little Wild, A Little Safe

A lot of what makes people believe in someone or something is the confidenc which that person inspires in those people. In many cases, people find that a cause or a strong leader is enough upon which to rest their hopes, desires, and strengths. There is a belief, there is a faith, in what is going on around them or in who they are listening to. That means that, if you are able to inspire this confidence in other people, you will be able to bring about this same transformation and this same dependency upon your own business when it comes to products or services.

As much as some people may complain about the “powers that be,” those powers would not have that authority without it being given to them by the same people who are complaining about it. Power is not grabbed, instead of earned. Honor is not bought, instead of deserved. As much as some attempt to make it sound like we are all sheep being led to the slaughter, so to speak, we are actually in full control of our own lives, and those who have power over us have it at our bequest.

This also means that, no matter how badly your circumstances, you can bring yourself out of any bad situation and immediately put yourself in a good situation right away. This is normal, healthy, and beneficial. In fact, many people think that if someone has the ability to pull something off, of course they will do so.

However, often someone’s ability is not the only determining factor. Many people fail to believe in themselves or in their power to change the world, and this belief turns into failure at every turn, no matter how skilled or talented they really are. Good things happen to those who ask for them, and those who expect them fervently and interestedly. Mediscreen has NATA accreditation to AS4308 and AS4760.

Mediscreen brings the above healthy attitudes to your company. Drug testing in Australia is made better by our abilities to bring a healthy environment to your business. Mediscreen is accredited by NATA in onsite drug testing, and we specifically focus on onsite drug and alcohol testing, which is a goal in and of itself, because having your employees tested right onsite is the wave of the future. If you look at our website, this will be made clear to you.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another Essay on Compounding

drug testing experts
drug testing experts
When you do something every day, it doesn’t just become a habit where it bothers you or irritates you if you don’t do it in the future. When you do something every day, it becomes part of your world, and the effect of it builds up over time. For example, let’s say that you begin to read a really large college textbook. It is huge and it is bulky and it may seem as if you will never get through it. If, however, you read ten pages of it every day, you will be completely through it in a month or less.

Daily actions compound upon themselves and create really informative and revealing facts about the person who is doing the actions. Alcohol and drug testing may seem as if it doesn’t have to be that regularly implemented to you, but this is a mistake to think this way. Onsite drug testing and alcohol testing must be regularly used, or it does not have the same effect as it does when put on a frequent schedule. Why is this?

The answer lies, again, in compounding.

Employee drug and alcohol testing is meant to evaluate any employees for substance abuse. When regularly implemented, you increase the likelihood by far that you will actually catch someone with illicit substances in their system while they are on the jobsite and the inference to that is that they are an increased risk to all there. Well, for this you need a company which is NATA accredited for medical testing, for synthetic drug testing.

It is therefore necessary to implement it regularly and frequently and it needs to be on a strict schedule. To be lackadaisical about it is to not fully care about what state your employee workforce is in. And, since the state of your workforce determines the revenue of your company and your personal profits, you absolutely should care about it. To learn more about what Mediscreen, a NATA accredited medical drug screening company.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Peace from Within

drug testing Australia
drug testing Australia
Peace is kind of subjective, if you think about it. What seems peaceful to some people is boring to others, and what seems relaxing to some people is far too exciting or physically taxing to others. And, as for peace of mind, we all have various priorities, and so we all achieve peace of mind in various ways: financial acumen, income, family, loving relationships, children, parents, etc. So, even if the world agreed on peace instead of war, it would be less than likely to occur, because we all have different ideas of what peace looks like and feels like.

If any of you study meditation, then you know how important it is to draw energy and mindfulness from deep within yourself. And, if you have studied and practiced meditation for any length of time, you probably have ascertained that the kind of peace you want just doesn’t come to you from external sources, but from the inner reservoirs of your meditation chamber.

If you have difficulty thinking of meditation as being very effective, just picture what it was like as a kid when you hid under your covers and dreamed of wild worlds and yourself as the hero/heroine. That is what meditation is supposed to do for you. And, really, that is in many ways what meditation is like for many people, the hidden worlds from within you powering your daily life, rather than the external world around you giving you all of your sustenance.

If you have ever dealt with workers who abuse drugs or alcohol, then you know how difficult it is for them to draw energy, life, and resources from within themselves. They seek external validation of their hopes and their fears, both, and they are often caught up in workplace drama.

Mediscreen helps you to understand which behavior is drama and which behavior is due to abusing illicit substances. You just need to have the information you can get from our onsite drug testing and alcohol testing services. Mediscreen is NATA accredited for medical testing, which means that we can truly hold pride in the services we provide our business clients.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Delighting in the Faults of Others

drug testing experts
drug testing experts
We have a little spite inside of us, and no matter how bad things get, we all have a little compassion, too. It is when we allow this spite to take over our inherent human natures that we find ourselves in a bad position regarding other people. It is always best to be on friendly terms with everyone rather than being in a community of people around whom you always have to be watchful.

Workplace drug testing is part of our positive connection with the business community. When we allow our employees to abuse substances while on the jobsite, we are not only liable for any accidents which may occur, but we are also affected by how our employees interact with the business community around us. If a worker who is high offends a customer, or a drunk employee ticks off a client, then we would have retained an employee which has just cost us additional revenue. That is dangerous.

It is easy to find fault in others, and this is especially true for workers who engage in substance abuse. There is an inherent lack of or inability to create personal responsibility within oneself in drug addicts and alcoholics. This means that, in the professional workplace, it would be so much more difficult to pull off the requirements of the job and to behave in a professional manner.

However, you cannot control who, out of your employees, may abuse drugs or alcohol offsite. You can control what happens in your workplace, though, and that is very important. Mediscreen is NATA accredited for onsite testing, and we bring you the data which tells you which of your employees is abusing substances or is under the influence of substance while on the jobsite. Onsite drug testing and alcohol testing is a part of the many business solutions you have available. Since Mediscreen is NATA accredited to AS 4308, we are proud of our accomplishments.

It is not neighborly to delight in the faults of other people. It is, however, very neighborly to protect your employees from drug and alcohol abusers while they are at work. Screen your employees using drug and alcohol testing from Mediscreen, and you will be doing everyone a huge favor.

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