Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Best Hard Worker

Drug Screening
Drug Screening
The best hard worker is the one in which you can place the most trust and expect to reap the most reward.
No, not everyone can be “trained” or “motivated” to become this type of worker, but there are some things which you can do to increase your chances of ending up with one of these gold mines.
For instance, the best hard worker is only internally motivated. Now, they may be motivated by how much their work produces high quality income and so on, but it is still something in which they believe and for which they do their job well. Offering them bonuses just for doing the same amount of work is more likely to decrease the amount of work that they do during the holiday season or when they are most likely to receive their bonuses.
Another example of this is when employees are bribed by other factors, such as clout, prestige, special favors, etc. This is fine for workers who are, in and of themselves, outstanding employees. However, to bribe employees to do a good job…for each and every job they perform…is to increase their expectations of pay to include more than money.
It is with these things in mind that we find ourselves in the mindset to address certain truths about the best hard workers. They do their jobs because they love their jobs. They love what they do for work. In their minds, it is almost a game which they will keep playing as long as they keep winning, and they always win.
Drug & alcohol testing does not need to be a negative experience. By enforcing onsite drug screening protocols, employees may (even if it is subconsciously) feel far more secure than when their safety from abusive people is purely in their own hands while at work. Workplace drug testing is part of what bring the best hard workers to your business.
Remember, these guys don’t think of their jobs as something to avoid or dread or de-stress from at the end of the day. They are simply looking for a better venue for their daily games, the enjoyment of their heart’s desire. Mediscreen is the company to bring these guys to your door. Our onsite drug and alcohol screening services are perfect for you.
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