Monday, December 31, 2012

Achieving Work Flow

You know what it is like to achieve work flow. The time passes quickly, all is lost in what you are doing, and there is a non-stop, smooth-flowing, quickly running process to the system.

Achieving work flow can be quite difficult when distractionsrear their ugly heads, such as an unruly colleague is stirring up trouble in the office or on the jobsite. In fact, if you love doing your work, this flow of your work progress can be quite productive and enjoyable at the same time. It helps you to think of your progress as continual accomplishment, and it helps to understand what hinders and helps this flow.

Flow exists in between anxiety and boredom. There must be enough of a challenge to make it more than boring, and it must not be so challenging that it produces fear or anxiety in the worker. If the level of work is kept safely in between these two treacherous zones, then work flow exhibits quickly and naturally. The idea that you cannot control work flow, but that outside circumstances frequently interrupt, is an absurd one. Work flow is beautiful and smooth and feels really good. Work flow accomplishes more in one hour than other types of work are capable of accomplishing in five or more hours. It is a continuous, nonstop process of work that enables the person to continue to produce services or products without needing, requiring, or even thinking about a break. It is so smooth flowing and enjoyable that people can become addicted to work if they are able to maintain a suitable amount of workflow in between days and projects.

Interruptions to work flow, again, can come from colleagues, employees or managers which are abusing drugs or alcohol. Without onsite drug and alcohol screening, workflow can be irreparably interrupted. Without drug screening, flow can continuously be broken and mixed around so that the person in question cannot concentrate even when they really put forth effort to concentrate. Onsite drug and alcohol screening prepares employees to come to their jobs with clear heads and a willingness to accomplish. Without Alcohol Drug Testing, work can be thought of as a burden upon their day, and that is not useful for them or for you. Call Mediscreen today for more information about Drug Alcohol Testing in Australia.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Roofies and the Ladies

The roofie, or as it is popularly known, the date rape drug, is often slipped into a woman’s drink by her date before it is given to her. For this reason, many women-empowering advice columns, websites, and books advise women to make sure that they see their drinks coming from the bartender to their table all in one go, and that they do not leave their drinks unattended at any time. Less information is available concerning slipping roofies into food, but it is presumed that the same advice applies to this situation, as well.

One of the ways in which women can be protected is through chaperoning. While this is far less used in today’s modern society, not one hundred years ago saw a lady’s reputation ruined who was caught with another man unescorted by a chaperone. Today, women are seen with far more independence than they were once seen, but the rules still apply. As a woman, you must be very careful how you present yourself in public, who you allow to escort you, and whether or not any connections or friends will be there. This is why workplace drug testing is such a valid practice. Alcohol and drug testing provides protection for employees who only wish to show up to work and get the job done well. Employees who abuse drugs or alcohol are far more likely to hurt others, either on purpose or inadvertently. This is, after all, not prison or the streets. 

Professionalism must be maintained, and people are not allowed to take personal affront to a seeming show of disrespect. You must be able to conform to the guidelines prescribed by civilized society.

Onsite drug & alcohol testing allows your employees to not only participate in drug screening and alcohol testing, but it allows them to do so without even having to leave their workplace. This is a true benefit to employees who feel safe at home and at work. It allows them to be tested without ever having to leave the jobsite. And that, my friend, is another added layer of safety.

Let us keep your male and female employees safe and well protected while they work for your company. 

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